Title Development of Social Policies at Constitutional Level in Turkey
Authors Berrin SELÇUK, İlke Bezen AYDOĞDU
Abstract Social policy, generally, are stated as a discipline of social sciences which develops with emerging of nation states for welfare of citizens and procurement of social services. It is known that social policy came out in the developed countries such as United Kingdom in the 18th century, became permanent and sustained after the World War II, broaden its purposes and aims. Social and economics rights which develop within the scope of social policies have been started to have part in constitution and international agreements in this process. On th eother hand, it is seen that social policy subject diversity, which differs by rapid developing and changing world, is reached different are assuch as income support and taxing to employment, from education to personal social services, from social security to environmental policies. Social policy, is found place it self at many legal arrangements in Turkey. Social rights have place at the constitutions which are at the top of hierarchy of norms and about operation of stateso it is stated that these terms are underguarantee. At the third part, it is tried to examine the regulations about social policy and social rights at the 1961 and 1982 constitution act sand to compare the differences between these constitutions. In this context, this study is based on literature review. After the introduction at the first part social policy terms are examined at the conceptual framework. It is emphasised about its development process at international and national level generally, at the second part. In conclusion, this study is ended with conclusion and assessment.
Keywords Social Policy, Social Rights, Constitution.
Journal IJSES - International Journal of Social and Economic Sciences
Issue Issue 1
Page 045-051
Year 2014
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