Title Protection of People with Disabilities from Discriminatory Treatment in Working Life
Authors Ertu─črul YUVALI
Abstract There is a direct legislation and a sanction about not making discrimination based on sex, religion and communion, political view and etc reasons in Turkish Labor Law no. 4857. The subject of this study is about basically not discriminating employees because of their disability. Concept of discrimination becoming a current issue is highly in Turkish Labor Law. Consequently regulations regarding the principle of non- discrimination in international law are also taken into account in this study alongside domestic resources of law. In our study, direct discrimination, indirect discrimination, affirmative action has focused on the basic concepts, then behavior of people with disabilities, which may be exposed or applications may create discrimination in the workplace are discussed.
Keywords Disability, Discrimination, Direct Discrimination, Indirect Discrimination, Affirmative Action
Journal IJSES - International Journal of Social and Economic Sciences
Issue Issue 1
Page 052-057
Year 2014
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