Title Employee Participation in Compliance with the European Union Through Boards in Working Life in Turkey: Kocaeli Example of Occupational Health and Safety Committees
Authors Gürol ÖZCÜRE, Harun DEMİRKAYA, Nimet ERYİĞİT
Abstract Employee participation is realized by committees in Turkey, like annual vacation committee, occupational health and safety committee, workplace closing or stopping production commission and workplace health and safety units structured with working legislation; and also the committees and boards like workplace disciplinary board, damage detection committee, industrial relations committee and conflict resolution committee structured with labour unions and collective bargaining. As today,there is a limited single-tier or unitary board employee participation system through trade unions in Turkey. In the absence of a bipartite employee participation system which exist in the EU member states collective bargaining seems to have served as a only platform for a limited participation of in Turkey. In this study which includes the results of a field survey made in 40 companies located in Kocaeli province which is the most industrialized zone of Turkey; also evelaute their effectiveness and compliance of legal requirements degree and we make suggestions about new legislative regulations on the employee participation in occupational health and safety committees in Turkey in accordance with European Union regulations by making comparisons along with the activities in the occupational health and safety committees of the multinational and local manufacturing and service companies in Turkey to decrease the unhealthy working conditions.
Keywords Occupational Health and Safety at the European Union Membership Process in Turkey, Emplolyee Participation, Employee Participation at OHS Committes in Kocaeli Province.
Journal IJSES - International Journal of Social and Economic Sciences
Issue Issue 1
Page 058-069
Year 2014
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