Title Implementation of Regional Cuisine in Rural Tourism Businesses
Abstract In rural tourism, presenting all cultural values of a destination is an extremely important issue. Beside natural and cultural amenities, therefore, regional cuisine and products must be offered. In this study which is conducted to determine importance of regional cuisine in rural tourism, menu contents is investigated in order to detect intensity of regional products among the meals served in restaurants at Uzungöl which is the center of rural tourism in East Black sea Region. In accordance with this purpose, firstly, the meals composing regional cuisine of Trabzon are introduced by giving information related to rural tourism and characteristics of it. Secondly, menu contents are investigated by visiting restaurants are in Uzungöl. By the result of the study, it is intended to reveal the of use of Trabzon’s regional cuisine by listing regional meals are listed in menus that investigated. Lastly, in rural tourism, the suggestions are given about necessity to present and introduce the cuisine products which is inside traditional life and culture.
Keywords Rural Tourism, Regional Cuisine, Menu, Trabzon, Uzungöl
Journal IJSES - International Journal of Social and Economic Sciences
Issue Issue 1
Page 075-083
Year 2014
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