Title The Assessment of Agro-Tourism Potential of Menemen
Authors Makbule CİVELEK, Taner DALGIN, Hüseyin ÇEKEN, Burçak EKİZTEPE
Abstract In the 21.century tourism sector has noted significant improvements by the agency of on the one hand an as it is important source of income for countries, on the other hand development of international trade and in parallel with rising standards of living, people’s tendency of travel has increased. Individual’s perceptions of tourism product and demand have been constantly changing in accordance with changing conditions of the era. Tourism demand has become necessity instead of being luxury. As a result of this, consumer became conscious. However, mass tourism lost its importance and alternative types of tourism occured. Today in the world, tourist supply sources are being used in purpose of rural tourism. So that, strengthen the economies of rural areas is intended. In the light of these efforts, one type of tourism emerged. It is agro-tourism that carries a great importance about the issues of environmental sensitivity and sustainability. Thanks to previously obtained important achievements in the field of agro-tourism in different regions, agro-tourism is seen as an alternative in addition to the agricultural sector in development of rural areas. Agro-tourism provides tourism activities outside traditonal ones to local and foreign tourists. Agro-tourism that provides being away from the stressful city life to stay alone with nature, stands the types of tourism that is preferred by the environmentally sensitive and conscious tourists. The scope of work we conducted, primarily in rural tourism, rural development and agro-tourism concepts are addressed then the potential and agro-tourism-related supply factors of region of Menemen that is considered to be appropriate in terms of agro-tourism discussed. In the scope of the research interviews were conducted with local people living in Menemen, authorized people of İmece Evi that performs agro-tourism related activities and guests who visit here. With the interviews were carried out in the region perceptions about agro-tourism activities have been identified and development potential of the region in terms of agro-tourism was evaluated. In this research interview which is one of qualitative research methods was used. According to the data obtained from the research it is seen that local people are not interested in agro-tourism practices. End of the study in which agricultural tourism structuring of local communities was not possible in the near future. However through various organizations such as İmece Evi it is possible that there can be organizations that ensure people the integration of nature. At this point the agricultural tourism activity will take place in these isolated local people in a spirit of respectful tourism to their lifestyles and standards. The important point here is organizations that are related with agricultural tourism should consider the sustainability and they shouldn’t disturb the local community.
Keywords Agro-tourism, Tourism Supply, İmece Evi
Journal IJSES - International Journal of Social and Economic Sciences
Issue Issue 2
Page 001-007
Year 2013
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