Title The Evaluation of Rural Tourism in City of Noah (Şırnak)
Authors Sedat ÇELİK, Erhan COŞKUN, Emrah ÖZTÜRK
Abstract Rural tourism is a variety of a alternative tourism that is purvey cultural interaction and revenue to countryside, where it is perform. The main purpose of this study that is evaluated the Şehr-i Nuh (Şırnak) in terms of rural tourism, is investigating rural tourism conceptually and discovering potential of rural tourism in Şırnak. Although Şırnak is not recognized in terms of tourism potential, tourism have be supported in this region due to has a significant impact in intercultural interaction and the development of the city. Nonetheles tangible and intangible heritage of Sirnak should be promoted in a comprehensively. In this study, rural tourism and positive and negative sides of rural tourism are discussed and then evaluated the potential for rural tourism that exists in Şırnak with literature review. Rural tourism potential of Şırnak have discovered with observed the current situation. It is thought that pople's living standards will more improve that is increased and promoted touristic values in rural areas of Şırnak and agricultural and cultural efficiency.
Keywords Tourism, Rural Tourism, Şırnak,
Journal IJSES - International Journal of Social and Economic Sciences
Issue Issue 2
Page 021-028
Year 2013
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