Title Relation of Rural an Gastronomy Tourism an Example of Bigadiç
Authors Bilal DEVECİ, Serkan TÜRKMEN, Cevdet AVCIKURT 1
Abstract One of most important elements that makes up a culture is a dish located in the gastronomic diversity. Dishes, unique to the region or an area may be an element of awareness for the region or an area. Along with the phenomenon of eating to live has turned to live to eat in recent years, the concept of eating has changed and habit of eating out for people has been emerged. Thus, it can be said that eating turned into more a need has social purpose than a physiological need. The tourism activities and gastronomic products are consumed in rural areas may complete each other. A new, different and delicious tasting realization of indigenous, creation awareness of the region that make tourists notice and experience these play an important role to be preferred the area or region by some tourists' profiles. In Theoretical framework, gastronomy tourism was discussed in the scope of rural tourism. In next chapter of the study, local products belong to Bigadiç a district of Balıkesir were examined. Evaluation was made regarding Bigadiç casserole and halvah that form local elements of gastronomy tourism analyzed under the rural tourism. Some suggestions about gastronomy tourism were made to increase contribution of rural tourism.
Keywords Rural Tourism, Gastronomy Tourism, Bigadiç
Journal IJSES - International Journal of Social and Economic Sciences
Issue Issue 2
Page 029-034
Year 2013
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