Title Solution Offers for the Consideration of Tourism Potential of Çamlık Kasabası
Authors Müşerref KÜÇÜK
Abstract Today, the tourism sector has improved parallel to the changes in individual’s preferences, prosperity, and locations. As a result of these changes, the importance of this sector has increased. After the development of industry and quick urbanization, people have started to prefer seashore on summers and snowy, mountainous and wooded areas on winters to escape their exhausting and unhealthy environment. However, because of the richness of the conventional culture, untouched habitats and the need of recreation for the city dwellers; the areas demanding tourism have shifted from seacoasts to hinterlands, rural areas, and rural tourism has gained importance. In recent years, it can be seen that the rural areas have been used for the sake of tourism and the usage of these areas for this purpose has increased in Turkey, as well. Additionally, this is emphasized as a new strategy to strengthen the economic structure of the rural areas. As it is known, tourism contributes to the national economy dramatically because it provides balanced income and development to the area. This is becausetourism is an important dynamic for regional economic and social development. Çamlık Kasabası, which is in Derebucak, Konya and at the foot of Taurus Mountains, has a rich tourism diversity which is ready for being considered for tourism potential. However, this richness has been ignored for many years; tourism has taken place in Konya city center, and the rural areas could not benefit fromthis. Considering all these points, in this report, the tourism potential, which is ready for the consideration, of Çamlık Kasabası is introduced; the troubles are detected in order to help tourism get what it deserves in the area and offers are introduced for these tourism resources to have an effect on the development of the rural areas.
Keywords Rural Tourism, Sustainable Tourism, Rural Development, Çamlık Kasabası.
Journal IJSES - International Journal of Social and Economic Sciences
Issue Issue 2
Page 035-045
Year 2013
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