Title Perception of Rural Tourism and Tourism in Çamlıca County - Edirne
Authors Bahadır SEZER, Derman KÜÇÜKALTAN, Ali ÇAKIR3
Abstract In recent years, rural tourism which is considered as a crucial approach to the improvement of rural areas has been developing rapidly both in Turkey and the World. Rural Tourism is a kind of tourism which is developed just because of the interest to the natural life and agricultural values. Rural Tourism is defined in the studies conducted by European Union as the complement of activities covering accommodation, food, beverage and other services which are provided by small businesses in small areas for the tourists whose aim is to spend pleasant time by experiencing local values. The expectations of communing with nature and learning about the local culture are the underlying factors of Rural Tourism. In this study, rural tourism opportunities and their appropriateness in Çamlıca village, which is located in the county of Keşan in Edirne, are discussed. Besides the appropriateness of the village to the rural tourism in terms of structural, historical and cultural basement, it would be better to evaluate the harmony between local villagers and rural tourism. Therefore; the attitudes of local people towards tourism in Çamlıça, which has not lost the socio-cultural values yet, need to be investigated. In the study, the harmony between socio-cultural and traditional nature of local people with rural tourism which is defined as an alternative source of income is searched by applying a questionnaire on the local people.
Keywords Perception of Tourism, Rural Tourism, Çamlıca, Tourism, Edirne
Journal IJSES - International Journal of Social and Economic Sciences
Issue Issue 2
Page 046-054
Year 2013
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