Title Local Opinions and Development Possibilities on the subject of Rural Tourism: Çağlayan Village Example
Authors Hasan Tezcan YILDIRIM
Abstract The tourism potential of Turkey is well-known. The desire to spend holidays in communal living areas, such hotels and holiday villages has seen a remarkably reduction, lately. In contrast, people in general are increasingly choosing to live in areas of natural beauty or close to nature. In particular, those settling down in the suburbs that once lived in big cities is the best example of this change of vision. Thus, short stay accommodation on a farm, in a village or in a mountain house, far from dense housing complexes, are in great demand these days and serve the purpose of rural tourism. Despite the fact that the meaning of rural tourism is not well understood in Turkey’s conditions, it has the potential to support tourism in Turkey. It is a great opportunity in terms of spreading tourism over the four seasons and providing young people, who grew up in cities, with the opportunity to know village life and natural living areas. The significance of rural tourism is increasing day by day, regardless of who is benefiting from it. In this study, Çağlayan Village in Fındıklı in the county of Rize, located in the eastern part of Black Sea region, and which has rural tourism potential, was examined. Çağlayan Village is located far from industrial complexes, is a typical Black Sea village, and has great tourism potential and intense natural properties. Therefore, the study has great importance for both rural progress and from the point of view of introducing local resources. The main purpose of the study is to canvass the opinions of the people living in the region with regards to rural tourism, to test whether they need rural tourism, and to expose the potential of rural tourism for the region. The population of Çağlayan Village is 603, living in 386 houses. The number of people over 18 was determined as 405. A questionnaire, which contained questions related to the potential of rural tourism and the possibility of realizing it was distributed to 37 people selected from communal areas. The responses to the questionnaire are presented in the form of frequency distributions. As a result, the local people’s opinions related to rural tourism were summarized. Finally, the outcome of the results obtained from this study will be a series of projects developed by the relevant organizations or local government in the region. The opportunity will be given to local people to contribute to these projects, and they will form the basis of rural tourism in the region. It is also understood from the result of this study that the importance and yield of rural tourism, and the support and incentives which could be created for it would be better explained by organizing face to face meetings with people.
Keywords Rural tourism, Fındıklı, Çağlayan Village, rural development.
Journal IJSES - International Journal of Social and Economic Sciences
Issue Issue 2
Page 062-067
Year 2013
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