Title Identify The Determinants Of Corporate Social Responsibility And Its Impact On Financial Performance
Authors Behnam HEYDARIAN, Rasoul ZALI, Hosein ALIZADEH
Abstract Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) concept is organization's commitment to meet the needs and demands of society. Determinants of social responsibility by studying the relevant literature, three main approaches are considered which include: a stakeholder management view, the Industrial Organizational Economics View and Resource-Based view of the firm. In this study with examining three approaches, the determinants of social responsibility with respect to the component concentration, capital intensity, size of industry, number of shareholders and size of the company were studied .The results indicated a significant effect on the financial performance of the organization's social responsibility and risk. The other results can be negative effects of concentration and the positive effect of capital intensity, size of industry and company size on the social responsibility. The results also explain the lack of significant effect on social responsibility by number of shareholders.
Keywords social responsibility, stakeholder management, industrial organization approach, resource-based approach
Journal IJSES - International Journal of Social and Economic Sciences
Issue Issue 2
Page 068-073
Year 2013
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