Title Rural Tourism and Integration of Cultural Tourism and Sustainable of Rural Tourism
Authors Mahshid MIKAEILI, Yalçın MEMLÜK
Abstract Rural tourism, natural resources, cultural heritage, an integrated tourism is a type of local economic activities. Rural areas was carried out with a number of elements in their natural landscape and cultural, as well as in the variety of recreational activities suitable for all kinds of environments. Therefore, rural tourism and its natural assets and raw materials to create, as well as directing people to travel is an attractive force.Sustainable tourism development meets the needs of tourists and host regions, protecting and expanding the possibilities for the future.Tourism can bring both advantages and disadvantages in area. It can stimulate the development of other economic activities and help increase revenue. If not properly planned, developed and managed, tourism can cause congestion, pollution and environmental problems,may cause deterioration of natural and historical heritage.The purpose of this study, will be examine the complementary function of cultural tourism in the rural tourism.
Keywords Rural Tourism, Cultural Tourism, Sustainable Tourism, Rural Sustainable development
Journal IJSES - International Journal of Social and Economic Sciences
Issue Issue 2
Page 087-091
Year 2013
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