Title Investigation of Antic Period Garden Architecture with Restitution of the Garden of Terrace House-1 in the Ancient City of Ephesus
Authors Zuhal KAYNAKÇI ELİNÇ, Latif Gürkan KAYA, Hakan ELİNÇ
Abstract Arhitectural features of the ancient Mediterranean gardens have continued to be traditional in entire Mediterranean countries because of having a dominant feature of the Mediterranean climate and having still been continued, today. Gardens in the Hellenistic and Roman periods, having high aesthetic value in terms of garden architecture and also have rich vegetation, have taken an important place in the ancient Mediterranean gardens. The aim of the study has been determined how the peristil gardens of these periods look visually. Firstly, it has been determined the garden architecture in which buildings have been used intensively in these periods and the suitable garden architecture model accordance with the general characteristics of these structures. It has also been investigated the non-living materials used in garden architecture, which material they have been made and how, their shape and form, where and how they have been used. Secondly, the vegetation of the case area has been investigated and also the existing plants being painted at the walls of the Ancient City of Ephesus have been determined. Finally, the restitution of the Peristyl of the Terrace House-1 is maintainned using with 3D Max programme.
Keywords Ancient City of Ephesus, Hellenistic and Roman Periods, Garden Architecture, Terrace House.
Journal IJSES - International Journal of Social and Economic Sciences
Issue Issue 2
Page 099-110
Year 2013
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