Title Recommendations for Marketing and Promotion of Ta-Tu-Ta (Agriculture-Tourism-Exchange) Farms
Authors Savaş ARTUĞER, Aziz Gökhan ÖZKOÇ, Hakan KENDİR1
Abstract The agriculture tourism as an alternative kind of vacation for those who want to move away from busy and stressful city life and stay closer to natural life drew attention in recent years. The ecologic farms constituted for agricultural tourism are in demand both around the world and Turkey. Buğday Derneği (Wheat Association), located in various regions of Turkey, carries on a project under the name of ecological farms as Ta-Tu-Ta (Agriculture-Tourism-Exchange) and guide those who want to be guests of ecological farm.In spite of positive developments related to agricultural tourism in Turkey recently, there are deficiencies at introducing and marketing. The purpose of this study is to make some recomendations about marketing and introducing the agricultural farms which are not introduced enough through marketing elements with the support of literature. Also we thank the authorities of Buğday Derneği, who had shown interest in and shared information with us.
Keywords Agricultural tourism, marketing mix elements, Ta-Tu-Ta (Agriculture-Tourism-Exchange)
Journal IJSES - International Journal of Social and Economic Sciences
Issue Issue 1
Page 001-005
Year 2013
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