Title Usage Levels of Local Foods on The Menus of Rural Tourism Establishments: Sample of Gelveri
Authors Aysu HATİPOĞLU, Burhanettin ZENGİN, Orhan BATMAN, Serkan ŞENGÜL3
Abstract Local foods are the foods that have become traditional as a result of long cohabitation of people in a city or region, are consumed especially on special days, included in the culture as a result of an event in general and preferred to other foods by the public. Rural tourism establishments, on the other hand, are categorized as farm houses-village houses, plateau houses and mountain houses, in accordance with the legislation. These establishments are considered to meet the accommodation requirement of the rural tourism, which plays an important role in alternative tourism types that have emerged partially as a reaction against the mass tourism. Having a distance of 45 km. to Aksaray and being known as Güzelyurt today, Gelveri is known to be the oldest cultural and commercial center of Cappadocia. This region, where the Orthodox Sect of Christianity arose and the first monastery life started, experienced the population exchange of 1924 itself. With its world-wide famous Ihlara and Manastır Valleys, more than fifty ancient churches and underground cities, Gelveri is a region that holds important touristic supply resources of Aksaray. This study tries to examine the assessment levels of mansion-style Greek houses, which are located in Gelveri and have reached today, within the scope of rural tourism and determine the usage rates of local foods on the menus of rural tourism establishments. In that context, the interview technique, which is one of the qualitative research methods, was used and semi-formed interviews were performed with six enterpreneurs, who try to evaluate their houses for rendering service to tourists. As a result of the study, it was concluded that the enterpreneurs do not include local elements on the mansion menus much and therefore, some suggestions were made at the end of the study. Apart from the production and presentation of local foods, this study emphasizes the necessity of using local materials in food production in rural tourism establishments once again and it is aimed to be a guide for enterpreneurs who want to evaluate their houses in this way, as well as the tourist who have not visited Gelveri and researchers who conduct studies in this field and by this way, the study aims to contributetotheliterature.
Keywords Rural tourism establishments, Gelveri, local foods
Journal IJSES - International Journal of Social and Economic Sciences
Issue Issue 1
Page 006-011
Year 2013
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