Title The Contribution of the Rural Tourism of Local Products; Example Cherry Festival of Tekirdağ
Authors Özlem Tan
Abstract Rural tourism,rural culture,the natural environment and the concept of a type tourism agriculture.Rural tourism is also contribute the regional and national economy.In this statement searched cherry of a product contribution tourism of Tekirdağ.Written sources were utilized during the research.At the same time were interviewed. Tekirdağ is a pretty city located Thrace in the North-Western coast of the Marmara sea. It has at a strategic geopraphic location.The contribution to the economy of the country no doubt when comes to mind on agriculture.Appearance,flavors and on behalf of the festival there is a separate of cherry in Tekirdağ.The cherry is about half a centruy stamp give away and since then crown of festival and peoples of Tekirdağ. Peoples of Tekirdağ prepared on cherry the first entertainment, then name of the festival turned into fun. First cherry entertainment began at village of Naip under the big oak tress in 1961.Until 1964 cherry festival is celebrated as a fun turned into a festival in 1964. Festival of Cherry has continued uninterrupted to this day. In recant years,Festival of Cherry has become a activity The Municipality of Tekirdağ and on behalf the “traditional” the statement said.İn the festival time participants the surrounding cities are flocking to watch the Tekirdağ . At the same time show the need for neighboring countries as well as foreigners come to see the festival.This is further recognition of sea tourism and tourism in the Tekirdağ also promotes the culturel sense.Festivals held on behalf of local products as well as rural tourism in the province’s economy say that it contributed.In this contex cherry festival held on behalf of the local product the cerry in a adressing social, economic and tourism tissue and contribute to these elements.
Keywords Local Product, Cherry, Contribution to Tourism, Rural Tourism
Journal IJSES - International Journal of Social and Economic Sciences
Issue Issue 1
Page 012-015
Year 2013
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