Title Affects of Tradational Festivals On Rural Tourism: Denizli-Honaz Cherry Festival Sample
Authors Ece YEMENOĞLU, Taner DALGIN, Hüseyin ÇEKEN
Abstract Perceptions and needs of people about touristic products are changed in parallel with developing world. Today, the importance of rural tourism is increasing day by day as being alternative to or complimentary to mass tourism. Nowadays, rural tourism that is developing rapidly in parallel with tourism demands creates a new opportunity for the tourists who want to escape from crowded tourism centers and take a rest by seeing historical, cultural and natural beauties in rural areas and at the same time it is a new strategy to strengthen the economic structure in rural areas. Development depending on rural tourism works better with the rural entrepreneurs and it provides a secondary source of income for the people who earn their lives from agriculture in rural areas. In countries which differ in level of development and in which poverty is widespread; rural tourism’s supply potential is used effectively and this helps to solve the problems. The different cultural attractiveness that isn’t possible organize artificially is part of the rural tourism. For that reason, potential rural tourism areas that have cultural attractiveness like Honaz have a special importance. Also festivals can attract people with their popularity to rural tourism area every year at certain times. In this study, we research rural attractiveness and cultural and social structure of Honaz. Tourism isn’t developing enough in Honaz even though has lot of attractiveness about rural tourism. During this research; it was observed that rural community have positive approach to rural tourism and they want to host visitors in their living areas. Honaz that have important areas for rural tourism have an important potential for rural tourism. Traditional cherry festival in Honaz have an importance for diversify rural activities like folk dance, handicrafts, sportive activities, musical shows and fairs in rural areas. Also festivals can attract people with their popularity to rural tourism area every year at certain times. For this reason The organization of Cherry festival will be vital importance for Honaz in the future.
Keywords Rural Tourism, Festivals, Rural Development.
Journal IJSES - International Journal of Social and Economic Sciences
Issue Issue 1
Page 016-021
Year 2013
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