Title The Role Of Local Handicrafts On The Growth Of Cultural Tourism: Görece (Boncukköy) And Nazarköy
Authors Hülya KURGUN, Yurdanur YUMUK
Abstract Qualitative research method and heuristic research design have been used in the study done for revealing the contributions of the touristic handicrafts on cultural tourism about development and sustainability. Popılation of the study consists of the operators in Nazarköy and Görece bead factories in Kemalpaşa and Menderes districts. There are eight bead factories in Görece and Nazarköy. An original questionnaire has been drawn up in accordance with qualitative research method using from the study that belongs to Öter (2010) “ The Evaluation of the Turkish Handicrafts in the Context of Cultural tourism” in the study used semi- structured interview technique. There are 16 open- ended questions about market, product, price, distribution and promotion in the questionnaire. Those have discovered that local handicrafts have positive influence on the development of cultural tourism, the main problem of the bead production is raw material shortage and chinese made in the face to face interviews with the person in charge of Boncukköy bead factory in Görece, the bead craftman living in Nazarköy in Kemalpaşa and the headman and the three women living off bead in the store allocated by the district governorship. The fact that the disappearance possibility of the handicraft because of the short support of the local administrations though it is an important constituent of our cultural heritage is the other conclusion of the study. This situation must be considered in terms of tourism.
Keywords Cultural Heritage, Cultural Tourism, Touristic Handicrafts, Görece (Boncukköy) and Nazarköy
Journal IJSES - International Journal of Social and Economic Sciences
Issue Issue 1
Page 027-032
Year 2013
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