Title Women Employment Profıle At Agriculture Sector In Turkey
Authors Mehmet Arif ŞAHİNLİ, Nazan ŞAHBAZ
Abstract In Turkey, labor force participation rate of women, as well as the EU countries, ILO, United Nations, OECD, the comparative studies of international institutions such as the World Economic Forum is also near the end. An important part of women’s labor force in Turkey is employed in the agricultural sector and women play an important role in the agricultural sector for a long time. In this study, using the Household Labour Force Survey for the period 2004-2011 were taken into account. According to Nuts 2, depending on the sub- groups education state of women employed in agriculture has been observed increased on rates in some areas, declined in some areas. According to Nuts 2, rate of decline was observed in 13 regions and rate of increase was observed in 13 in the sub-groubs employment status of women in agriculture working as casual wage. While employment status of women employed in agriculture in the sub-group of women as unpaid family workers were decreased in 10 regions, were increased 16 regions. According to Nuts 2, while women employed in agriculture at large age group were increased in 17 regions, were decreased in 9 regions.
Keywords Employment, Women Employment at Agriculture, Nuts 2, Turkey
Journal IJSES - International Journal of Social and Economic Sciences
Issue Issue 1
Page 055-070
Year 2013
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