Title In Terms of Service Quality and Determination of Traditional and Discount Supermarket Customer Satisfaction Perception and Effects on Behavioral Intent
Authors Kazım KARABOĞA, Muammer ZERENLER, Zeynep ERGEN
Abstract In this study, a research carried out to measure the effects of the dimensions of the quality of service on satisfaction and the effects of the level of satisfaction on behavioral intentions through displaying customer satisfaction levels in the context of both traditional supermarkets and discount supermarkets dimensions of perceived service quality. The factors affecting customers' satisfaction with quality of service in supermarket is determined from the five-dimensional structure of the SERVQUAL scale used to measure the quality of service perceived by customers in supermarkets. In this study, these factors emerged as "4" to the size of the quality of service and "1" satisfaction and the size of the behavioral intentions. An integrated model was created with the effects of the dimensions of perceived service quality on behavioral intentions
Keywords Service Quality, Behavioral Intent, Perceived Service Quality
Journal IJSES - International Journal of Social and Economic Sciences
Issue Issue 1
Page 075-084
Year 2013
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