Title Preferred Rural Tourism Cultivars: The Case of Ardahan Vocational School
Authors Hürriyet ÇİMEN, Zehra Tuğba ABACI
Abstract The purpose of this research, identify the types and their preferred choice to be effective in rural tourism is to reveal individual differences. Within this research on May 2011 data collected by a questionnaire applied to Ardahan MYO. Types of respondents most preferred tourist photo safari, skiing, mountain tourism are listed as. Not classifiable prefer bird watching, tourism is the agriculture and hunting. Individual differences in types of tourism has emerged the preferred specifications. According to the research objectives were reached. Hypothesis is supported by research. Diversification of tourism research to be acting according to the expectations of the target group is thought to contribute in terms of providing information.
Keywords Rural Tourism, Ardahan MYO
Journal IJSES - International Journal of Social and Economic Sciences
Issue Issue 2
Page 001-004
Year 2012
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