Title Factors Affecting the Development of Rural Tourism as Alternative Tourism and Its Impact
Authors Hüseyin ÇEKEN, Taner DALGIN, Neşe ÇAKIR
Abstract New tourism trends in the world are developing in the direction of history, health, trekking, cultural and rural tourism depending on the demand. The importance of rural tourism is increasing day by day both in developed and developing countries as being alternative to or complimentary to existing tourism types. There is a great effort in the world to reinforce economies of rural areas by using touristic supply sources for rural tourism purposes. The achievements in the rural tourism applications have proved rural tourism an alternative along with agricultural sector. This study analyses the factors affecting the development of rural tourism and its impact on rural areas. It is emphasized that the interest in rural tourism is increased by rising education level and time for leisure, the developments in transportation and communication technologies, rising interest in the cultures, awareness in a healthy life, interest in local foods, awareness in ecological life, the factor of psychological health, aging but active population and emerging of different entertainment alternatives. It is important to understand these factors affecting the development of rural tourism while developing rural tourism applications.
Keywords Rural development, rural tourism, ecological life
Journal IJSES - International Journal of Social and Economic Sciences
Issue Issue 2
Page 011-016
Year 2012
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