Title Sustainable Tourism: Local Government Perspective The Example of Western Blacksea Region
Authors Murat Selim SELVİ, Sedat ŞAHİN
Abstract The objective of present research is to designate Sustainable Tourism perspectives of the Local Governments in Western BlackSea districts; Akçakoca, Seben, Amasra and Safranbolu. Main problem of current research revolves around the position local governments occupy and their attitude regarding this matter in addition to the kind of relationships they establish with local shareholders. In this research an interview form with open-ended questions appropriate to Semi-Structured Interview Method has been utilized. 2 local administrators could not be included in the interview. District-based findings have been combined to be evaluated and descriptively analyzed. Partial content analysis has been applied on certain implicit cases and expressions to allow a deeper analysis via additional probes. To sum up, such findings have been obtained from this research: Irrespective of scarce resources, local governments still maintain substructure works. Environmental-friendly construction plans that prioritize protection-use balance have been prepared. Cleaning, waste and recycling issues have been solved to a great extent. Growing organic agricultural products has been incented, local architecture and traditions have been kept alive. Nonetheless the number of beds is still below expectations and the problem of qualified labor force still exists. The problem related to promotion and marketing is still on the agenda. It is required that local people be continually trained and gained awareness. There exists a disparity between price and service quality amongst shopkeepers and food-beverage companies. NGOs fail to be effective enough on tourism. Despite all these findings, one limitation of this research is that it is restricted to Municipalities and District Governorships. Similar researches can be conducted for Central and Eastern BlackSea Regions as well and even be extended to various geographies in Turkey to allow a comparison amongst different territories.
Keywords Sustainable Tourism, Local Governments, Amasra, Akçakoca, Seben, Safranbolu.
Journal IJSES - International Journal of Social and Economic Sciences
Issue Issue 2
Page 023-036
Year 2012
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