Title Conceptual Approach to Rural Tourism, The Importance and Impacts of Rural Tourism
Abstract The texture of the biggest problems of cities at the beginning of today’s world of globalization, and the lifestyle of its residents come from standardization and eliminate local properties. Metropolis rapid, ongoing daily flow of desperate people and nature in a short section of the entire human race of the year, even though the fields may be alone with nature itself has resulted in asking. Therefore, is need to run a period of time for as an individual work, are met of basic needs, evaluate of leisure time, being a part of recreative activities. In short, tourism activity, this activity can be defined as the mass-tourism has emerged as the past. With the physical and social characteristics of different places to visit, vision, action recognition in recent years, replaced by an alternative tourism respectful of nature and native people began to leave approaches. Therefore, eco-friendly, people living in the area went to the cultural characteristics, traditions and customs of respectful, open to new experiences is composed of a type of tourism. Rural tourism, farm tourism, agro tourism, which can be expressed in concepts such as the type of tourism in general, this would be correct to say that rural tourism.
Keywords Rural Tourism, Farm Tourism, Agro Tourism
Journal IJSES - International Journal of Social and Economic Sciences
Issue Issue 2
Page 055-058
Year 2012
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