Title Factors Influencing Residents’ Willingness to Participate in Rural Tourism
Authors Bengi ERTUNA, Sibel GÜNEY, Özlem GÜVEN, Nilay AYDEMİR
Abstract The aim of this study is to identity the factors influencing the attitudes of local residents about rural tourism and their willingness to participate in rural tourism activity. Previous studies indicate that the involvement of all local stakeholders, especially local residents, is necessary for rural tourism development to provide solutions to the problems of the rural regions. In this study, both the attitudes and willingness of local residents are measured and the factors that influence their attitudes and willingness are investigated. Data is collected from Kastamonu, as an area with great rural tourism potential but little rural tourism activity yet. Interviews are conducted with 60 residents in April 2011, using in-depth interviews and structured questionnaires methods. Rural tourism perception index and participation index are developed with the purpose of measuring the resident attitudes and their willingness to participate. Findings indicate that residents’ attitudes about the economic, social and environmental impacts of rural tourism are in general favorable and that they want to participate in rural tourism activity. However, they do not seem to know how to participate and state their need for guidance and leadership. The level of economic and social integration of their village with the city, personal benefits from rural tourism, decision making power and a number of resident characteristics are found to influence the resident attitudes and their willingness to participate in rural tourism. The findings offer insight into the planning and management of rural tourism development in a way to support the rural development.
Keywords Integrated rural tourism; local stakeholders; resident attitudes; Kastamonu
Journal IJSES - International Journal of Social and Economic Sciences
Issue Issue 2
Page 059-066
Year 2012
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