Title Rural Development and Rural Tourism at Urla
Authors Meryem GÜDÜCÜLER
Abstract Today, tourism is considered one of the means of socio-economic development, especially in the rural areas plays an important role in the development. With a diversity of products that the countryside, protected the environment, natural resources, natural beauties, historical and cultural assets that tourists in search of today’s tourism activities are the new destinations. This creates an impetus for the local economy, such as the emergence of destinations, create new employment opportunities for local people, increase agricultural productivity, socio-economic imbalances in the region and to protect local products, tourist products to contribute indirectly by providing for the conversion of the attention. “What is a natural orientation for the trend in tourism accepted in rural tourism activities” or “orientation becomes accepted as a natural trend for tourism in rural tourism activities” within the scope of the area’s unique organic products, agricultural products processing of the different ways of diversifying the products generated as a result of the items stand out as the new demand. Agriculture also plays a determining role in the economic structure of Urla, although, as tourism is an emerging trend in recent years is remarkable. Olives and olive oil production has lost its former importance of historical value but also at the forefront of many rural settlements with greenhouse activities. However, important studies in recent years started to be built on viticulture and wine-making activities, the county made major investments in accelerated studies for the creation of a brand-specific. Thus, with the investments made and the projects in the region where the countryside began to be marketed items are converted into tourist products, put forward an alternative approach to rural development in these areas. Research the notification Urla which is the one of the most prominent counties of İzmir with the subject of natural, cultural and historical wealthes, in the areas of agricultural activities in rural tourism by integrating diversification of tourist products in the local elements into the local economy and stressed that accelerating. Performing it, the county put out the tourism potential of rural areas, rural environment, especially ecotourism and rural tourism activities, use items, while preserving the effective realization of the region and aimed to play a role in guiding development in a balanced way.
Keywords Rural Development, Rural Tourism, Ecotourism, Urla
Journal IJSES - International Journal of Social and Economic Sciences
Issue Issue 2
Page 067-078
Year 2012
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