Title Home Staying Model in Rural Tourism and Karadeniz Sampling-Artvin
Authors Ceyhun AKYOL
Abstract Rural tourism has gained importance in Türkiye especially in recent years, by projects that sponsored local and foreign resources. In terms of animate entrepreneurial spirit the people of the region, mobilization of local economies, sponsor the rural development at regional and country level, employment of local women, rural tourism has a significant power. Existing facilities in the region are unable to enough answer to the number of tourists and to ensure extend the duration of visitors who come to the region as a result of conversion of house pensions model developed. As a result of this, at the end of travel without having to go back, by staying in that area, visitors caught opportunity to know more about region and daily life and culture of people of the region. We will examine all these aspects about Artvin and its districts. They draws domestic and foreign tourists to their regions by their natural beauty and maintained lifestyle. Stage of development of tourism in Artvin, it has seen that local governments do great works for support and development of house pension model. For examle, the Governor offers the opportunity for entrepreneurs who want to make home staying, also district municipalities open courses about home staying. In this study, depending on the movement of rural tourism, the contribution to the region and people in the region who are in home staying in Artvin and its districts issues will be discussed and illustrated. At the end of our study, the contribution of rural tourism and home staying to Artvin and its districts will support by numerical datas.
Keywords Rural Tourism, Home Staying, Artvin
Journal IJSES - International Journal of Social and Economic Sciences
Issue Issue 2
Page 079-083
Year 2012
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