Title The Effects of Rural Tourism to the Rural Development: A Theoretical Study
Authors Burçak EKİZTEPE
Abstract The countries, taking place in the race among important destinations, putting out their own unique appeal in a most profitable way, provide advantages in this race with their tourism alternatives apart from their unusual tourism activities. In all over the world, both most of the developed countries and most of the developing countries, by using of touristic sources of supply for rural tourism, the aims to strenghten of rural areas economy gain speed. Rural tourism, including all tourism activitiesis in rural areas, is a new kind of tourism. It has developed because of the interest in the natural habitat and agricultural values. The demands of tourism, formed according to changing income levels of people, and the needs besides with wishes of people, caused occuring of alternative types of tourism such as rural tourism. In this study, the effects of rural tourism to the rural development are focused on.
Keywords The rural tourism, the rural development, alternative tourism
Journal IJSES - International Journal of Social and Economic Sciences
Issue Issue 2
Page 085-088
Year 2012
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