Title The Affect of Pedestrianization of Historic Areas on Tourist Satisfaction: The Sample of Sultanahmet Square
Authors Meral AKYÜZ, Burhanettin ZENGİN
Abstract The modern pedestrian zones have become areas with different properties and functions and with various physical and symbolic meanings. These areas are the places where the living styles and cultures of the people living in cities are observed in the best way and where social communication and integration are established. Pedestrian zones contribute to the emphasize and protection of the historic values of the cities, to the encouragement of tourism, to meet the recreation needs of the city people and to the increase of the retail trade and urban green areas. Sultanahmet Region is the most important center of tourist attraction in Istanbul. This study is important to examine the value of pedestrianization project which creating in order to increase the tourism potential of historic Sultanahmet district, to ensure the circulation of the visitors more comfortable and increase the attractiveness of the area without altering its historic texture and the effects of this value on user groups and to improve suggestions. In this context the aim of this study is to examine the concept of pedestrianization that is important developing for solution transportation problems encountered in histroric areas and protecting historical tissue and examine the impact of pedestrianization on visitors in user groups to determine in the sample of historic Sultanahmet Square. In the study, first of all the fact of pedestrian and pedestrianization is mentioned, different samples of pedestrianization will be referred to the process of historical development. On research research area will be defined and examined the structual properties and explained the necessity of pedestrianization for this area. In the last phase of the study, pedestrianization application on Sultanahmet Area the center of Istanbul, the level of satisfaction on visitors will be investigated.
Keywords Pedestrian, Pedestrianization, Pedestrian Areas, Sultanahmet Destination
Journal IJSES - International Journal of Social and Economic Sciences
Issue Issue 2
Page 089-094
Year 2012
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