Title General Overview of Rocky Settlements around Karaman in Terms of Tourism
Authors Mehmet KURT
Abstract Karaman, situated in the centre of Anatolia, has hosted many civilizations and had cultural heritage due to its location and rich soil. One of the cultural values in this region is rocky settlements or cave-churches. It is clear that these settlements, the most of which we come across in Manazan, Divle (Üçharman), Gödet (Güldere), Buğdaylı have religious and social functions. It can be deduced that these settlements mentioned before should have had a function of a fortress as they are situated in the banks of rocky mountains.These settlements,as for as the settlers narrated, were used both religious and daily life purposes as a house and a chıurch. Besides these, the settlements played an important role during the period of spread of Christianity. The pupose of this paper is to introduce the ruins of rocky settlements around Karaman and present its touristic importance.The study will cover some suggestions about introducing the area,ways and lightening to make these settlements of religious,social and security function one of important touristic center. In addition to these,their contributions to tourism will be discussed.
Keywords Karaman, Rocky Settlements Around, Tourism
Journal IJSES - International Journal of Social and Economic Sciences
Issue Issue 2
Page 095-102
Year 2012
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