Title The Relationship between Music and Urban Image: A Research on Effects ofTurkish Folk Songs on Urban Image
Authors Halim Emre ZEREN, Gülce COŞKUN, Hasan GÜL
Abstract Civilizations created by people constructed basically on three essential elements which are religion, language and music. However music is the common language of the world, it is impossible to consider apart from societies’ value judgements and cultural features. Music, which implies harmonies composed by voices, gives important information about habituates of society, value judgements and places. Nevertheless, there is no considerable research about evaluation cities with music. Whereas there are many studies about cities and life experiences of them. In this study, some Turkish Folk Music pieces which include statements about particular cities were examined and it is tried to find the level of their impact on urban image. Survey was conducted in Ankara with 512 participants and music pieces with statements about cities were evaluated with impression about the city. Data gained from the scale is analyzed with SPSS 16 software program and tested with T-Test, Anova, Regression and Correlation Analysis. As a conclusion, it is stated that music has an important place in people’s lives and there are significant relationships between music and gender, level of education and places long lived.
Keywords Image, Urban Image, Music
Journal IJSES - International Journal of Social and Economic Sciences
Issue Issue 2
Page 125-132
Year 2012
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