Title The Role of Local Shareolders in Rural Tourism Publicity: The Example of Arhavi
Authors Ekrem AYDIN, Murat Selim SELVİ
Abstract A good number of countries are currently engaged with intense publicity activities to the aim of receiving greater share from international tourism market. It is envisaged that tourism trends in future shall be more directed towards rural areas hence in rural tourism, publicity activities have gained more significance than ever. However publicity activities should be executed by regular professional teams. Also in the publicity of rural tourism participation of all shareholders in the process bears utmost importance. Present research explores the role that local shareholders in Arhavi County of Artvin Province play in the process of participation in rural tourism publicity. This is a qualitative research; hence it is heuristic and descriptive. Observer’s interpretations have been included into obtained data. In data gathering semi-structured interview method has been employed. During the interviews with seven local tourism shareholders from district of Arhavi, short notes have been taken and voice recorder has been used. Subsequently obtained data have been contextually analyzed under two headings systematically; publicity activities and problems encountered during publicity activities. This research has manifested that in rural tourism publicity activities are mostly executed by the employees of Municipality, Tourism Association and the Ministry of Tourism and Culture while the rest of shareholders do not participate much into this process. According to research findings local tourism shareholders, despite their publicity activities in tourism, are generally inadequate and inefficient in publicity. It has also been revealed that publicity tools are not fully and effectively employed by all shareholders. Additionally, accommodation problems and tourism ignorance of local residents are still alive.
Keywords Rural Tourism, Publicity, Local Shareholders, Arhavi
Journal IJSES - International Journal of Social and Economic Sciences
Issue Issue 2
Page 133-144
Year 2012
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