Title The Role of Local Non-Governmental Organisations in Rural Tourism: The Example of Düzce Province
Authors Ekrem AYDIN, Murat Selim SELVİ
Abstract Recently the direction of international touristic movements has visibly shifted towards rural areas where traditional rural living style is dominant. In the global sphere countries such as Canada, Spain and Italy have achieved great advancements in rural tourism whereas Turkey has remained below in this market segmentation. It is without doubt that in the development of rural tourism Local Non-Governmental Organizations’ participation in investment, employment, tourism, environment, education, sports, publicity and marketing activities matters significantly. It has always been a common subject of discussion amongst public whether or not local NGOs, the ones in rural areas in particular, can effectively perform their role and functions. The aim of this study is to investigate whether local NGOs are effective and functional in rural tourism. This is a descriptive research and questionnaire is the data gathering tool in this study. Face-to-face surveys were applied amongst 254 local NGO directors between October-January 2010. In data analysis, frequency and percentage distribution and in detecting the variances, T-test and ANOVA analysis have been applied. Furthermore reliability analysis of the developed scale has been conducted. For content validity, relevant literature and expert views have been taken into consideration. In the conclusion part it has been designated that on the whole, local NGOs in city of Düzce are not sufficiently effective in rural tourism. In other words it has been found out that local NGOs fell short in providing the required support and importance to tourism activities. On the other hand it has been detected that NGOs in Akçakoca and tourism and environment focused NGOs are more effective in rural tourism.
Keywords Kırsal Alan, Kırsal Turizm, Yerel STK, Düzce
Journal IJSES - International Journal of Social and Economic Sciences
Issue Issue 2
Page 145-155
Year 2012
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