Title Local-Central Administration Relations at the Constitutions from Ottoman to the Republic
Authors Alper ÖZMEN
Abstract Relations between local administrations and central administration are closely related to economic, socio-cultural and historical background. So, while the local administration units run as if spy of the central administration in some countries, they can perform their tasks and authorities at their own systems freely. Historically, Turkey does not have western-type local administration mentality. But, the organizations like local administration played important role at city services until Tanzimat. We see the first modern municipality organization was created after Tanzimat. It is possible to connect the reason of not having long-established local administration mentality to not having historical background like Western. Because, local administrations at the Western democracies are products of the improvement from XII. Century to present. Against central government, local administrations aroused at the West after one region or one city strengthened by getting autonomy. Because of Ottoman politic culture did not recognize opposition culture as legitimate, until Tanzimat, it is observed West-type local administrations were not necessary. At this research, the past and the present has been opposed by giving information about the structures central administration and local administrations that have place at Turk Constitutions from past to present, and the relationship between them.
Keywords Central Administration, Local Administration, Constitutional Process, Management Culture
Journal IJSES - International Journal of Social and Economic Sciences
Issue Issue 2
Page 171-175
Year 2012
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