Title Hakishtas Told at wedding nights by bride’s and groom’s family in Nakhichevan weddings
Authors Elhan MEMMEDOV
Abstract Hakishtas: Communes held by groom and bride’s side at Nakhchivan’s wedding nights. Weddings in Nakhchivan Autonomus Republic, exclave of Turkic Azerbaijan, slightly differs from the weddings in other parts of Azerbaijan.The main factor that makes Nakhchivan’s weddings different than Azerbaijan is communes,called”Hakishta”s, during henna night. Hakhishtas are communes,kind of traditions, aiming to make henna nights more amusing.İn such a way that,group of women from both sides (bride and groom) are singing communes mutually.Both sides are defending their own parts by mentioning compliments for self sides and trying to prevail opposite side without hurting them.Usually one person among a group sings commune and at the end of each verses all participants say “hakishka” in unison.Hakhishka is poetry which formed of 4 verses and each verse comprises 7 syllables. Elinde su tabağı, hakışta, Su döküm yu tabağı, hakışta. Yüreğimi sıkıyor, hakışta, Oğlanın kaş-kabağı, hakışta. Üstüpünün malları, hakışta, Meleşir davarları, hakışta. Beymize kurban olsun, hakışta, Gelinin halaları, hakışta. Hakishka chattings continue as above and at the end who prevails is named a winner.Primary goal of Hakishkas during henna nights is not winning but making nights more joyful and cheerful.
Keywords Hakishta, Nakhchivan, wedding night.
Journal IJSES - International Journal of Social and Economic Sciences
Issue Issue 1
Page 01-04
Year 2012
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