Title “Lover” Theme in Sivas Folk Songs
Authors Zeliha SERTTAŞ
Abstract Culture making a society differ from others is the set of material and spiritual values which are special to that society. Undoubtedly, Turkish folk songs have an important place within the set of values. Turkish folk songs, which is a kind of folk song accompanied by a nice tune, invigorates at the junction point of imagination and reality and combines Iyrics with a stringed instrument. Naivety, unique beauty and innocent feelings, deep feelings such as sun-drenched wheatears, hands dyed with henna, brides whose eyes are eye lined, and melancholic lovers of Anatolian people are touched on the subject of Turkish folk songs in detail.Therefore, it is possible to explore a number of description concerning Anatolian people and life in these Turkish folk songs. The purpose of the study is to determine Sivas folk songs whose subject is “lover” theme within the scope of the opinion mentioned above and make a comment on these folk songs. This study is finished with the help of Sivas folk songs which take place in the reportory of TRT.
Keywords Sivas, Turkish Folk Songs, Lover, Theme.
Journal IJSES - International Journal of Social and Economic Sciences
Issue Issue 1
Page 11-14
Year 2012
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