Title Representation of Horse Culture in Divanu Lugati’t-Turk
Authors Neslihan ÇELİK
Abstract Of the current social conditions also affect the works of the period in question was written. In other words, works, written in the social life of the period, the life styles of that society, traditions, way of thinking about the information given. The first essential element of culture is language. The existence of a society without language and culture of the society can not talk about it. Mahmud of Kashgar in the first dictionary and grammar book was written in the language of the Turks Having Divanü Lugati’t - Turk’s work should be considered in this context.works, reflecting the material culture of these elements is located in the Turkish culture. To be able to say that there is a cultural concept of a nation, that nation must take place in the language of words about the cultural elements. Nomadic life style of the “horse” an essential element. Accordingly, the Turks are an important part in the horse and horse culture. A fundamental element of Turkish culture as we face the horse culture of the language mentioned above - are reflections of culture in language within the scope of relationship.Divanı Lugati’t - Turks in the era of social and cultural aspects of writing within the host therefore contain words related to horses and horse culture. In this paper, the color names are used for the mentioned works, horses, horses, qualifications, the names of the horses spend the disease, age, materials used for horses, horses and horses off the names of the products used in the names of actions related to the concept of words in the field reviews will be discussed.
Keywords Divanü Lugati’t - Turkish, Turkish Language, Horse culture, Mahmud of Kashgar, Culture
Journal IJSES - International Journal of Social and Economic Sciences
Issue Issue 1
Page 23-25
Year 2012
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