Title The Distrubiton Areas of “Bağlama” in respect of The Tradition of Minstrelsy
Authors Rifat ERAVŞAR
Abstract Saz, as an indispendable instrument of minstrelsy, is called as ‘kopuz, çöğür, dombra, cura’ in Turkic World. This is referred as baglama through Anatolia. Throughout the paper, it is aimed to make an assessment of the distribution areas and usage types of baglama. When examining the distribution areas of baglama, as the whole Turkic world would exceed the limits of study, the topic has been confined with the Anatolian lands. It will be mentioned about the technical and physical diversities of baglama within the minstrelsy traditions. Besides this aspect of the topic, the reflections of the baglama, as an element within Minstrelsy Literature at Turkish Folk Literature, into Anatolia will be assessed thoroughly.
Keywords The Tradition Of Minstrelsy, Instrument (Bağlama), Anatolia, The Distribution Areas, Styles Of Use.
Journal IJSES - International Journal of Social and Economic Sciences
Issue Issue 1
Page 31-35
Year 2012
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