Title The Position and Functions of “Fire” in Osmaniye Folk Culture
Authors Ali DOĞANER
Abstract Besides having functionally an important position in Osmaniye folk culture, it has been existing as a cult. The fire which gets the name of Sinsin fire in weddings, migration fire while climbing up and down the plateau, nevruz fire in Nevruz Festivals, is the most important item of the ceremony. Fire which shows up as a cultural item in transition periods, has been witnessed as a therapeutic device during the treatment of people and animals. Besides this, depending on fire as a cult; some believes related to the fire, embers, ash, smoke and fireplace still maintain their usage. In this article, it is aimed to contribute Çukurova, Anatolia and Turks' folk culture by studying the fire cult which has been cherished since old times in Osmaniye.
Keywords Province of Osmaniye, Sinsin Fire, Migration Fire, Fire Cult
Journal IJSES - International Journal of Social and Economic Sciences
Issue Issue 1
Page 37-41
Year 2012
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