Title Hıdrellez Belief and Other Related Beliefs to This Belief in Ali Baba Neighbourhood in Sivas
Authors Vildan KARATAŞ
Abstract Still keeping its presence, Hıdrellez is a tradition dating back to the summer festivals of pre-Islamic Central Asia, Middle East and Anatolia and gaining a religious content within the framework of the concept Khidr-Elijah at the minds of Turkish people. Though to be encountered with different versions of denomination, the tradition of Khidr-Elijah and the related beliefs can be clearly observed among the Turks in Turkey, the Balkans, Turkistan (Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Altay, Uzbekistan), Azerbaijan and Gagauzia. Being given a shape to the expected wishes from Khidr, the belief/tradition of Hıdrellez has been also associated with various rituals made at a period in which the season of spring begins among the Turks. The tradition of Hıdrellez still survives among the Anatolian Alevis. There can be encountered with so many beliefs and practices. Throughout this paper, the tradition of Hıdrellez and the other related beliefs and practices at the district of Ali Baba in Sivas will be assessed in an elaborate approach.
Keywords Beliefs, Hıdrellez, Alev
Journal IJSES - International Journal of Social and Economic Sciences
Issue Issue 1
Page 43-46
Year 2012
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