Title Traditional Women Wear in Dagestan
Authors Elmira AMİROVA
Abstract Diverse and rich artistic heritage of the people of Dagestan. It was created and centuries collected. Time has not spared the creation Highlanders, but what survived and come down to us, opens a wonderful image of the people of the creator. Traditional clothing of the peoples of Daghestan - one of the unique phenomena of the material and spiritual culture. Thus, in the way of wearing dresses, scarves, and sometimes by their shape and color, types of shoes, hats and jewelry can often accurately identify not only the ethnicity of women, but to say, from what it is society or the village. If it all disappeared and left only female costume, then it could be restored to a certain degree of aesthetic culture of past eras. Dagestan traditional women’s costume was as if the conservation area of local ethnic features and distinctive remained until the beginning of XX century. Woman’s closed life, clan marriages, the harsh customs and traditions also affect the preservation of native forms of national dress.
Keywords woman gown, art, traditional
Journal IJSES - International Journal of Social and Economic Sciences
Issue Issue 1
Page 65-68
Year 2012
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