Title Turkestan War and “Basmacılar"
Authors Sultan GÖK
Abstract The years of 1917-1935, the resistance against the Russians in Turkestan, Turks began to move, experiencing years of the revolution in Russia ... the Russian tsarist army invasion of Kazan in 1552 which started spreading in Asia will take until 1979. 1865 in Tashkent, 1880 at Göktepe ‘t spend addressed. After the collapse of Tsarist Russia, Turkestan is a lot of confusion. Red Army in cooperation with the Turks in favor of innovation, the Emir of Bukhara, but the Bolshevik Alim Khan throne by downloading the administration put together by the Russians is reduced. Innovators in the hands of the Bolsheviks, this beautiful city of Bukhara are plundered. Encouraged by the Bolsheviks in Turkestan, Turks in good faith shown by08.12.1917 Hokant convention assembled in days. Head of government at the end of this conference brought Mustafa Çokay’ın Hokant Government of autonomy is established. However, the Bolsheviks do not tolerate it. Hokant ‘established in the national autonomy in a bloody manner will be destroyed after two months, is a fire in the city of Hokant. The Turks could not stand the pressure of the Bolsheviks against the more, the Fergana valley Basmacı (korbaşı) movement can be described as so-called resistance movement, but we begin the national liberation movement. At first, some Turkish military officers, including Enver Pasha also gave support to the resistance movement but the results remained unchanged, the Russian dominance in this area continued until the year 1991.
Keywords Basmacılar, Turkestan, Bolsjewistiese, Weerstand
Journal IJSES - International Journal of Social and Economic Sciences
Issue Issue 1
Page 75-77
Year 2012
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