Title Teaching of Turkey’s History in Middle and High School Books in Kyrgyzstan
Authors Aizharkyn ALYİMİDİN KYZY
Abstract In fact scientific studies on the history of the Ottoman Empire and Turkey in Kyrgyzstan 20 from the first half of the century began to be published. However, middle school and high school students, many of these issues were not prepared for the history textbooks. Years of history textbooks until the 1990s, not only on the Ottoman Empire and Turkey, Kyrgyzstan, its history, information about the history of Kyrgyz, was quite inadequate. For example, information about the Ottoman history, but are not passing one or two paragraphs, the Republic of Turkey, which is heir to the Ottoman Empire were not informed about the most remarkable. In addition, the information provided is negative, the students of the Ottoman Turks "colonial" as learned. After gaining the status of sovereign states in 1991 and Kyrgyzstan Kyrgyzstan Kyrgyzstan and Turkey, Turkish history, the recognition of multi-faceted relationships between the republics and prepared the ground for the development. These relationships are a result of increased interest in the history of the peoples of Kyrgyzstan and the Republic of Turkey. Kyrgyzstan had been performed in the last 15-20 years can be said on the subject. "Country Info", "History of Kyrgyzstan", "World History" and "History of the Middle Ages" and the Kyrgyz as the history textbooks, as well as on general subjects of Turkish world began to take place.However, little information is not given place in the history of republic of Turkey, the Ottoman Turks "baskıncı / occupier" and they are considered on the negative narratives, opinions and ideas on the influence of earlier writers on this subject are dominant. Unification of the Turkish world, in terms of strengthening relations between Turkey and other Turkish Republics history, culture, language, religious, middle school and high school textbooks telling the subject of the "old" to adhere to the narrative, these issues adequately in the sister communities of these peoples that the stress is not given and is a serious drawback. In this paper, the Ottoman and the Republic of Turkey on history textbooks, including before and after the 1990s to be considered under two headings, propose possible solutions to overcome existing deficiencies.
Keywords Kyrgyz, Kyrgyz Republic, the Turks, the Republic of Turkey, the Ottoman Empire, History, Textbooks
Journal IJSES - International Journal of Social and Economic Sciences
Issue Issue 1
Page 79-83
Year 2012
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