Title Abdukadi̇r Bi̇nni̇ Abdulvari̇s Kaşgari̇ between Cedidism and Tradition
Authors Maysigül HÜSİYİN
Abstract Abdukadir Binni Abdulvaris Kaşgari (1862-1924) is one of modern Uyghur cultural movement leaders. Uyghur Language and Literature changed from form and meanings with affection of Tatar Türk’s Cedidism. Teachers team, writers, Cedidçis begun to wakening people from Cehalet to learn new knowledge as Nesiheti Amma, Ekaidi Zerüriye, Mutalie-yi Hidayet, Miftahul Edeb, İbadet-i İslamiye, Tecvid Türkí. In this paper author mainly explains life, works of Abdukadir Binni Abdulvaris Kaşgari’s and his affection on modern Uyghur Literature and status on Cedid Movement.
Keywords Abdukadir Binni Abdulvaris Kaşgari, Cedidizm, Education, Languages, Literature.
Journal IJSES - International Journal of Social and Economic Sciences
Issue Issue 2
Page 01-04
Year 2011
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