Title Poems about the Poet Abdî Place Urfa Nights
Authors Barış UÇAR
Abstract Urfa well at night, Indispensable to the culture of Sanliurfa, Anatolia culture touchstone in the stones. These are equivalent to each other, groups of friends of a friend’s house every week, according to a specific arrangement in order of their qualifications and instrumental, verbal chat, content sharing and solidarity started. Here, read the ode Fuzûlî and “hoyrat”s. Nâbî master poets, such as superfluous, and the poems of poets are included, as well as Şanlıurfalı sofa. 19. Abdî great poets of the century poems of the poet is in these nights. Nights Poets and their poems in place of Urfa study Abdî present a study on the discourse, as well as “place at night,” the Anatolian culture, will be tried in the place.Fonetik olarak okuyun
Keywords Şanlıurfa, Well Nights, Şair Abdî, ode
Journal IJSES - International Journal of Social and Economic Sciences
Issue Issue 2
Page 09-11
Year 2011
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