Title Similarity Relation between Kalevipoeg and Oğuz Kaan Eposes
Authors Tamilla MAMEDOVA
Abstract Not every nation has own epos. If there is, we can find Latin and Greek motives in a lot of eposes. Eposes show culture of nations and there may be found significant mythical elements. Kalevipoeg is an epic poen by Friendrich Reinhold Kreutzwald held to be the Estonian national epic. In this epos we can find similarities with Finnish Kalevala epos and also Scandinavic myths. The main character of the epos is estonian giant Kalevipoeg ( Kalev’s son). This epos tells about Kalevipoeg’s fightings with enemies. According to the epos Kalevipoeg died after his legs was cut. Kalevipoeg is the most usable theme in Estonian folk music. In this article we are going to find similarities and parallels between Kalevipoeg ve Oğuz Kağan eposes. In both eposes our attention especially will take language, feelings, thoughts and dreams features.
Keywords Epos, Kalevipoeg, Oğuz Kağan.
Journal IJSES - International Journal of Social and Economic Sciences
Issue Issue 2
Page 13-16
Year 2011
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