Title Companion Features in Fuzuli’s and Gelibolulu Mustafa Ali’s Gazel
Authors Aynura MAHMUDOVA
Abstract Fuzuli and Gelibolulu Mustafa Ali are famous persons of Turkish world in XVIth century. Fuzuli is known for more his ghazals, Gelibolulu Mustafa Ali is known for his works on the history. There are many imitations (nazire) written by Turkish poets. The influence of Fuzuli shows in Turkish literature. Gelibolulu Mustafa Ali`s gazel “Usanmaz mi” is imitation of Fuzuli`s ghazel. Mustafa Ali`s ghazal written Fuzuli in the same rhyme and in the same measure. In his gazel Gelibolulu Mustafa Ali used unchanged Fuzuli`s words, phrases, or even half a verse. Comparison of these two ghazals is allow us to say that this gazel of Mustafa Ali written in influence of Fuzuli. In our paper we will research comparing the maintenans and the structural aspects of “Usanmaz mi” ghazal of these poets who was born in different regions.
Keywords Fuzuli, Gelibolulu Mustafa Ali, Influence, Nazire
Journal IJSES - International Journal of Social and Economic Sciences
Issue Issue 2
Page 17-19
Year 2011
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