Title Deepstructure in Gogol’s Stories
Authors Yılmaz EVAT
Abstract Each author has a deep structure. Gogol’s deep structure comprises the “the predicaments of a low-grade office service” and the “extreme nervousness in the soul” As the critic Moretti, the author of miraculous indicators, noted attributing the famous psychoanalyst Freud, art is the “there turn of the surpassed” and the effort of “shaping the aesthetics of the narration” Gogol’s low-grade civil service for a period of time in his life and the hardships during Period Nikola I deeply rocked the author’s psychology. This situation has been very effective in the formation of the deep structure of his stories Indeed,the author’s hero Piskarev in the Neva Boulevard,is about drive crazy due to his unrequited love before commiting suicide. The hero in the book of “Diary of a mad man” goes crazy. Painter Çartkov, Portre’s hero,becomes neurotic at the end of the story. Gogol, mur-deres even dare to ask to look at Çartkov’s the dead body. We might discover the deep structure in Gogol’s stories when we look through Martin Heidegger’s saying “Language is the home of human being.” and the Doctor Lacan’s “Unconsciousness is structured just as language.” propositions. For example, it is possible to observe the problems of an ordinary official secretary in his story “Overcoat,”,and in “Nose” hatred against to the high ranked authorities as well as his will of reaching high ranks.
Keywords Gogol, Story, Irritability, Civil Service, World.
Journal IJSES - International Journal of Social and Economic Sciences
Issue Issue 2
Page 21-24
Year 2011
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