Title Lale Müldür’s Poem “Divanü Lûgat-it-Turk in respect of Postmodern Literature Theory
Authors Caner SOLAK
Abstract In this study, the major poets of Turkish literature after 1980, Lale Müldür’s poem “Divanü Lûgat-it-Türk” will be accepted at the poem as a postmodern narrative and poetry will be examined in the light of postmodern literary theory. The links between the work of the same name with the poetry of Kaşgarlı Mahmud Müldür’s poem, will disclose elements of postmodern esthetic such as intertextuality, metafiction, pluralism, play, ontology.
Keywords Lale Müldür, Divanü Lûgat-it-Türk, Kaşgarlı Mahmud, Postmodernism
Journal IJSES - International Journal of Social and Economic Sciences
Issue Issue 2
Page 25-30
Year 2011
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