Title Province in Refik Halit Karay’s “Away from Home Stories
Authors Selin KARACAN
Abstract The tales in Refik Halit’s Away from Home Stories were understood to be written between 1930-1939 due to the dates put at the end of each one. Refik Halit, whose tales takes place between 1930-1939 in Şişli, Haleppo and Lebanon regions, tells about Arabian people that were seperated from Ottoman soils, Bedouin culture, Middle East provinces with its barren deserts. In this study, Away from Home Stories will be assessed in view of ‘provinces’ perspective. In the first part ‘provinces and provincialism’ terms will be discussed and a conceptual framework will be set. In the second part; the ten tales related to provinces will be assessed under the “Provinces’ Homeland Dream”, “Tradition in Provinces/Deficiency in Provinces”, “Innocence of Provinces/Rebellion of Provinces”, and “Province of Provinces: Arabia” titles
Keywords Away from Home Stories, Provinces, Caliphate ,*”Gurbet Hikayeleri” could be interpreted as” Away from Home Stories”
Journal IJSES - International Journal of Social and Economic Sciences
Issue Issue 2
Page 43-48
Year 2011
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